The Recipe of Delicious Beetroot Coins

Beetroot is the edible taproot portion of the beet plant; raw beetroot is a rich source of folate and a moderate source of manganese. (Source: Wikipedia)

The Recipe of Beetroot Coins:

Beetroot Nuggets/ Tikki: The Recipe of Delicious Beetroot Coins in
Beetroot Nuggets/ Tikki: The Recipe of Delicious Beetroot Coins in
  • Boil ½ kg potatoes in adequate quantity of water until the potatoes are cooked, unpeel the potato peel and prepare a potato mash.


  • In adequate quantity of warm, any mild-flavour vegetable oil, add mashed pieces of  about 8 garlic cloves, 1 tsp. of cumin seeds, ¼ kg of beetroot mince; smidgen the mixture with salt – according to preference of taste, add a little quantity of water for the beetroot mince to cook,                                                                                                          Blend the mixture with ¼ tsp. of turmeric powder, finely sliced pieces of 3 green chillies for mild-pungent flavour – these chillies are small, extremely slender and have a fresh pungent flavour, and finely sliced pieces of a handful of coriander leaves, and 2 cheese triangles; cook this mixture until the beetroot mince turn softer in texture,                                                                                                                                       Blend the warm beetroot mince mixture with potato mash, make small round portion of the mixture, and dip these portions in whisked egg (initially, I had coated some of the nuggets with semolina, I did not preferred it so I coated the remaining nuggets with whisked egg, which turned out nice) before pan-frying them for few seconds in adequate quantity of warm, any mild-flavour vegetable oil – preferably rice bran oil, this oil is less viscous thus it does not stick to food and rice bran oil is made from bran which makes it rich in vitamin E.

These beetroot coins has a creamy texture, the flavour of these beetroot nuggets has a combined sweet flavour of the beetroot with the nice rustic-spicy flavour of coriander leaves.

Serving size – Approximately 4-5

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