Statistics of Recipe Blog for the month of November & December 2017

November 2017:

Top Recipe Post – GOLDEN ANCHOVIES – Fish Fry

ANCHOVIES - Golden Anchovies or Mandeli Fish
GOLDEN ANCHOVIES – Fish Fry – The Recipe in

Post Published – 4

Views – 681

Visitors – 532


December 2017:

Top Recipe Post – Ghol (Jewfish) curry

Ghol Fish or JewFish. Ghol (Jewfish) curry  Recipe in
Ghol (Jewfish) curry – The Recipe in

Post Published – 5

Views – 598

Visitors – 500



November  2017


December 2017


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YEAR 2017:

Top Recipe Post – Ghol (Jewfish) curry

Post Published – 55

Views – 6,068

Visitors – 4,282



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