EEL FISH PIECES: EEL Fry - Recipe in
EEL FISH PIECES: EEL Fry – Recipe in

(In Marathi language Eel fish is called as ‘Vam’)

Eels are elongated, snakelike, scaleless marine or freshwater fishes; ranging in length from 5 cm to 4 m. Most eels live in the shallow waters of the ocean and burrow into sand, mud, or amongst rocks.

This fish is quite meaty, and the meat is tasty.

The Recipe:

Quantity: About palm size piece of this fish, sliced into smaller pieces.

  • Marinate the fish pieces in:

½ tsp. of turmeric powder,

½ tsp. of kashmiri chilli powder,

½ tsp. of garam masala,

Salt – according to preference of taste,

2 tsp. of chilli vinegar (- this vinegar is not pungent in flavour, has a flavourful pungent aroma).

  • Shallow fry the marinated fish pieces in any mild-flavour vegetable oil, in medium to low heat, for about 5 minutes.



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