Sweet-Zesty PRAWNS

PRAWNS GRAVY: Sweet-Zesty PRAWNS - Recipe in masalahealth.com
PRAWNS GRAVY: Sweet-Zesty PRAWNS – Recipe in masalahealth.com

Prawns have a natural mild sweet flavour; this recipe enriches its flavour.

The Recipe:

  • Marinate prawns in :-
  1. Kashmiri chilli powder & malvani garam masala (feel free to manipulate with the quantity of these spice powders according to your preference of taste)
  2. Adequate quantity of turmeric powder (usually half a teaspoon of turmeric powder for a handful of prawns)
  • Using a mortar and pestle mash garlic cloves along with pieces of ginger (- if you like the piquancy of ginger add a greater share of ginger to the proportion).  
  • Slightly sauté the ginger-garlic mixture in a  combine of  warm rice bran oil and butter.
  • Add chopped pieces of spring onions to the blend.
  • Smidgen the mixture with salt.
  • Add finely chopped pieces of red ripe tomatoes to the mixture.
  • Add the marinated prawns to the melted mixture.
  • Pour adequate quantity of water to the combination to form gravy.

Once the prawns are cooked relish the sweet and zesty prawns

Happy Eating 

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