Wholesome Noodles

NOODLES: Wholesome Noodles – Recipe in masalahealth.com

A well- known fact is – ‘Noodles are an essential ingredient and staple in Chinese cuisine’ and a lesser-known reality is that preparing noodles for breakfast is a healthy and a stress-free option – by adding slices of capsicum and tomato, both these vegetables are massed with vitamin A and vitamin C (… valuable antioxidants) and capsicum springs the noodles with a robust spicy flavour.

 The recipe:

  • In a combine of vegetable oil and butter – sauté slices of onion, followed by finely mashed garlic pieces, slices of capsicum, and slices of tomato and add salt.
  • Once the vegetables turn tender, add sliced pieces of pork sausages.
  • Add the boiled noodles and mix the assortment.

Happy Eating!

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I am Sylvia Miranda, the author of the blog masalahealth.com: A blog of innovative and healthy food recipes written in an unorthodox format. I am a recipe developer. I have an inherent ability to create recipes with new flavours using natural ingredients — I create both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes, for this I usually use less number of ingredients to keep the recipe simple and easy, which are certainly tasty and are beneficial to health in general. Each recipe is written according to my awareness of the recipe when I create it, in a writing skill which is very easy for the reader to comprehend.




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