Dessert – Vermicelli with Anjeer

Dessert – Vermicelli with Anjeer Recipe in

Vermicelli used in this recipe is made from durum wheat semolina and is termed as Sevai’ in Hindi and dried slices of fig  is called  ‘Anjeer’ (… which is rich in mineral manganese).

The recipe of this beautiful dessert:

  • Roast vermicelli in ghee (clarified butter) till it turns brownish in colour.
  • Warm milk with equal quantity of water.
  • Add sugar (… according to preference), few strands of kesar (saffron) and finely grated shreds of coconut to the dilute milk.
  • Flow the roasted vermicelli to the milk mix.
  • Simmer the combination in low heat till the vermicelli becomes delicate.
  • Add large pieces of anjeer to the condensed mixture.

Caution: This dessert is best served chilled.


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